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As an ASIC licensed entity, a number of our services require a short qualification process. Whilst we don’t share this information, it will be used internally to help us best support you.

Wholesale Clients Only

Gilshenan Capital Pty Ltd only provides services to wholesale clients.
A person may fall within the definition of a wholesale client if:
(a) a person makes an investment of at least AUD$500,000;
(b) a person with certified net assets of at least $2.5 million or
gross income for each of the past two financial years of at least
$250,000; or
(c) a ‘professional investor’. This category includes AFS licensees, listed
entities, banks and friendly societies, and other entities that may be
presumed to have the expertise or access to professional advice to
justify their being treated as wholesale.
Individuals may also be treated as wholesale should they meet the criteria under the Sophisticated Investor Test (section 761GA).
By entering this site ( you confirm your understanding that Gilshenan Capital Pty Ltd only provides services to wholesale clients, and that you qualify as a wholesale client.