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About Gilshenan Capital

Gilshenan Capital manages a number of broad and special purpose investment funds for wholesale and sophisticated investors. Our investors include high-net-worth individuals, superannuation funds, trusts and corporations. 

James Gilshenan is the founder, and also serves as the chief investment officer.

Mr Gilshenan has almost two decades of investment experience in the financial markets. Until 2011, he served on the board of an investment services provider in Berne, Switzerland. Since 2011, he has served on the board (and in the CEO role) of a number of registered funds in the United States and Caribbean. He possesses a wealth of experience in financial trading, ranging from long term asset allocation models, to actively managed hedge funds.

Having experience in Switzerland, Singapore, Caribbean and the United States, Gilshenan Capital was formed to provide truly world class solutions to Australians, through an Australian regulated and licensed entity.

Gilshenan Capital is licenced by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (“ASIC”).

WWe provide Model Portfolio and Managed Fund solutions – operated and built in Australia, but with a Global perspective.

In our view, the Investment World provides us two real choices:

You can “Enter The Market” and rely on “skill” to create your return – this is known as “Alpha” – it’s active management, seeking to create excess returns relative to the market. Almost no-one succeeds at this, long term… except of course, those who do!

Alternatively, you can look to get to the “side-lines” and create a diversified portfolio – seeking to create a blended market return, ultimately creating an “All Weather” portfolio, looking to achieve market returns over the long run, but with less volatility (pain) along the way.

If success leaves clues, Ray Dalio, the founder of the largest and most successful (by way of profits generated) Hedge Fund in the World, has left just two.

In managing more than $150 billion, he chooses to operate just 2 main fund strategies: the Pure Alpha Fund, and the All-Weather Fund.


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Wholesale Clients Only

Gilshenan Capital Pty Ltd only provides services to wholesale clients.
A person may fall within the definition of a wholesale client if:
(a) a person makes an investment of at least AUD$500,000;
(b) a person with certified net assets of at least $2.5 million or
gross income for each of the past two financial years of at least
$250,000; or
(c) a ‘professional investor’. This category includes AFS licensees, listed
entities, banks and friendly societies, and other entities that may be
presumed to have the expertise or access to professional advice to
justify their being treated as wholesale.
Individuals may also be treated as wholesale should they meet the criteria under the Sophisticated Investor Test (section 761GA).
By entering this site ( you confirm your understanding that Gilshenan Capital Pty Ltd only provides services to wholesale clients, and that you qualify as a wholesale client.